Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Her Friend Says (VII)

It's almost one month since Beehooi's tragic and untimely death,Yet,I still feel her presence in th e dept in my mind's eye all the time.I have learnt things from her too even thou I am much older than her.I think I am now more patient and less critical,and at peace within myself.Thanks to Beehooi for showing me how.

Dr NTan (22nd April)

Bee Hooi, i used to call her Dr Tan (eventhough there're few dr Tan in the department) which sound i really respect her as my mentor in all aspects of life.

i was a stranger to everyone when i first stepped into penang hospital at the end of 2005. kind of 'stranger anxiety' i was suffering, shy and anti-social, work-eat-sleep as normal routine, one morning, she delightedly approached me: gan, this is for you! my mum prepared friedrice as breakfast this morning,i ask for extra 1 more person, cause i thought you must be bored eating outside food everyday, let's try homemade food as your family not touched and warm..seriously, i nearly cry...hence she was one of the friends that i would never want to lose...

may her rest in peace, nervana.

Dr Gan (23rd April)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old Photos...

Old Photos of Bee Hooi and a poem dedicated to her by her ex classmates.
(Taken from School Magazine)

Old Class Photo

Thanks to Dr Chan for contributing the photos.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Her Friend Says (VI)

The reason I haven't been on facebook is cos I refused to look at it after finding out about Bee Hooi. I knew that everyone was writing in it and I knew it would be painful to read and I couldn't bring myself to read it. Today is the first time I'm reading the threads since last week when the news came out. And as I feared, I am in tears. I hope to be able to attend the funeral tomorrow. I have never attended a friend's funeral before and I can't believe that I will be saying goodbye to someone who was a friend, a fellow salsa dance partner and a colleague.

Watching that youtube clip of her speaking, though I didn't understand what she said was know that we can never be with her again. I'd like to think that at least before she first collapsed she had happy thoughts of coming back cos she was so optimistic all the time.

I keep wondering why God has taken her away when she had so much going for her and I think it's because he wants her in Heaven with him.

Dr Divya (31st March)