Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 105

Today is the 105th day Bee Hooi left us. During these period of time, occasionally I will read back those hundreds of old emails which I corresponded with her during her stay in UK (from 2001 till early 2005). Reading those old emails again reminds me of the time whereby we share our happy and sad moments, up and down in lives, giggle over some minor events and happenings, sharing about personal stuff etc. This includes her experiences in the Harold Wood Hospital, at her new working places, her new friends and colleagues in Swansea, her frustrations, her vacations and tours in UK & Europe, how she passed her primary exam, the delivery of her second baby boy, the joints pain she experienced due to seronegative arthritis, her worries, discussing whether to came back to Malaysia or continue working in UK after passing her final exam and also some other personal stuff and family matters.

And, she loved using this phrase "Nevermind, life is just like that" or "Well, life is just like that". Yeah, i ditto with her in this matter and most importantly, we should live our lives to the fullest.